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Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens

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New Colts kicker Matt Gay is coming off a historic performance agains the Baltimore Ravens. 

During that game, he became the first kicker to hit 4 field goals of 50+ yards in NFL history; one of those kicks was a 53-yarder in overtime to give the Colts the upset victory. He did all of that with Justin Tucker, widely regarded as the greatest kicker in NFL history, watching from the Ravens sideline. For his performance, Gay was named as the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week.  

It was an all-time great game for a kicker, and one that justified the Colts to decision to make Gay their highest paid free agent acquisition this offseason. After several years of uncertainty at the position, Gay has hopefully entrenched himself as the Colts kicker for years to come.  

During Wednesday’s edition of The Ride With JMV, John spoke with Matt Gay. During that conversation, Matt spoke about how his success came down to being a part of a fine-tuned operation. 

“Having that fine-tuned operation with Luke and Rigo, being able to be seamless and have them snap laces and get the ball down with the right lean and everything, especially on the longer kicks, it’s important because there’s more room for it to drift or variation. I mean more than anything, that’s a huge part of the reason of why that happens and why those go in, is cause of those guys.” 

He also spoke about his mentality when kicking 

“Really it’s the less thinking for me the better, and so when I’m in those moments and I can enjoy the game, and I can kind of be calm or at peace, when I’m just letting my subconscious and my body do what it knows how to do, and just running on, kicking, running off. That’s kind of when I’m in that [zone].” 

Listen to JMV’s full conversation with Matt Gay below, and tune into The Ride With JMV weekdays from 3-6pm on 93.5/107.5 The Fan!  

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