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Young woman using the card for withdrawing the cash in the ATM

Source: romaset / Getty

STATEWIDE — Many financial institutions are experiencing ATM disruptions, which are making it difficult for customers to withdraw cash without visiting a branch.


Several financial institutions, including Centra Credit Union, Everwise Credit Union, First Farmers Bank & Trust, FORUM Credit Union, Indiana Members Credit Union, Lake City Bank, Security Federal Savings Bank, and STAR Financial, have been impacted.


These financial institutions have stated that unexpected complications with an external vendor caused the issue.


First Farmers Bank & Trust stated that the issue was regional and required updates before the complete restoration of services. Indiana Members Credit Union also confirmed that their services were impacted due to the same issue.


Lake City Bank recommends its customers use alternative ATMs and has promised to reimburse any fees incurred.


Most financial institutions are utilizing social media platforms to keep their customers updated about ongoing issues.