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Be Careful When Shopping At Temu

Have you heard of Temu – the popular online retailer?

There are reasons to be hesitant before placing an order.

Temu is an online marketplace operated by Boston-based Chinese e-commerce company PDD Holdings Inc. that offers customers virtually everything, from clothing to electronics and even musical instruments.

50 million consumers use the Temu app that only has a C+ rating from the Better Business Bureau due to all of the complaints filed against it.

A few critical complaints from

  • “I purchased 3 items, slim fit jeans for my hubby, shoes for my daughter and a laminate marble roll x 3. Not 1 product was satisfactory. Jeans were straight fit, which some men would be fine with but not my hubby, shoes were way too big although cute but looks won’t help her to fit into them, and the rolls of laminate were just plain white. Nothing was right. I have placed another order for 4 shirts, if I’m not happy with them upon arrival, I’ll never use temu again.

  • They are a scam. They send damaged items and then only refund to temu credit balance. They suddenly put minimum spend on my account out of nowhere, so now I cannot access my refund, unless I spend $8 extra on stuff I do not want. This is bait and switch fraud and they change site terms with no warning. I will be taking legal action. Do not go near this app. They are the worst.

You think telephone scammers were bad nowadays..

If you try to purchase from Temu, make sure you use the official site and do not interact with any communication from Temu from questionable emails.