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Conspiracy theorists on various social media websites are going crazy over their latest conspiracy regarding John Fetterman.

They believe that Fetterman has a body double. There is no evidence that the Senator from Pennsylvania has been cloned, like some are claiming, but they have pointed out some interesting sights.

One of the viral posts on X (Twitter) has to do with Fetterman’s appearance. They are claiming that he looks different in every photo. Which would mean he has multiple body doubles. Dare I say, he just looks different with various types of facial hair.

In a response to the tweet about the tweet about Fetterman’s everchanging appearance, someone highlighted his tattoos disappearing. In one photo he has tattoos, but in the other he does not. In case you did not notice, that is the opposite side of his arms.

This is one of the most ridiculous things on the internet. It is entertaining though, and what is crazy is that the Senate did something almost as ridiculous.

They changed the dress code on the Senate floor. That is the best thing to happen to Fetterman during his time as a Senator.

They completely threw class out of the window. Dress codes are part of our society, and they allow us to see what and who is important.

People who dress nicely carry around a look of importance and class. Members of our government should carry those things around with them. It is an honor and a privilege to serve in the government of the United States. The people apart of the government should act like it.

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