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Todd Young

Source: (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

LAWRENCE, Ind. — A government shutdown may happen for the fourth time in a decade soon unless Congress can agree on some sort of measure to keep the government running.

The government runs out of money at the end of the month and now both sides of the aisle are once again locked in a standoff over the fiscal future of the nation. Many Republicans are demanding spending cuts in the next long-term spending plan.

“The negotiations in the House, we all think the government should stay open as opposed to closing,” Young said. “I do think it’s fair for Republicans, since we control the House of Representatives, to insist on some spending concessions from the administrations and from Democratic leadership.”

Members of the Freedom Caucus are trying to gain support for a short-term extension that comes with some tough amendments. They say the current rate of spending by the government is not something that the nation can continue.

Young certainly sees that point of view.

“When I return to Washington, I will be encouraging Senate Republicans to use this opportunity to maybe insist on some longer-term spending reforms,” he said.

Lawmakers in Congress must pass several spending bills or a short-term funding measure known as a continuing resolution by September 30th in order to keep the government running.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says “good progress” is being made in talks to avoid a government shutdown. Some conservatives are threatening to strip him of the speakership over the issue.