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Former President Donald Trump came out in favor of mental competency test for presidents following his own gaffes.

Trump accused the “cognitively impaired” President Biden of launching the US into “World War II.” That has already happened.

In another mistake, Trump insinuated that he was eclipsing former President Barack Obama in the polls. Fun fact, he is not running for president this year.

He voiced his opinion opposing the idea of an age limit preventing someone from running for office. He countered with the idea of requiring people to take a competency test.

“As you know, crooked Joe Biden and the radical left thugs have weaponized law enforcement to arrest their leading political opponent, and leading by a lot, including Obama — I’ll tell you what,” Trump mused.

“No, but there should be a competency. I’m all for the test,” Trump told NBC’s “Meet the Press” in an interview that aired Sunday.

“I took a test two years ago, three years ago,” Trump added. “And I aced it. I got everything right.”

He is not the only presidential candidate who has asked for these tests. Nikki Haley, 51, has called for compulsory tests for politicians ages 75 and up.

75 and up would include both Joe Biden, 80, and Trump, 77.

A recent CBS News/YouGov survey found that 77% of US adults sampled favor a maximum age for politicians.

“It’s always time for a new generation. But, you know, some of the greatest world leaders have been in their 80s,” Trump said in the interview. “And Biden’s not too old. I don’t think Biden’s too old. But I think he’s incompetent, and that’s a bigger problem.”

Trump’s biggest GOP opponent, Rob DeSantis, prefers the age limit over the competency test. He argued last week, “they probably would have put an age limit on some of these offices.”

“The presidency is not a job for someone that’s 80 years old,” he told CBS News. “You’re talking about a job where you need to give it 100%. We need an energetic president. And I think that if the founders could kind of look at this again, I do think they probably would have put an age limit on some of these offices.”

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