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Richard Allen mugshot

Source: Carroll County Jail / other

DELPHI, Ind. — The legal team for the Delphi murders suspect want all court proceedings, including the trial, televised.

In a court filing Thursday, attorneys Brad Rozzi and Andrew Baldwin have asked Special Judge Fran Gull to allow cameras in the courtroom for “transparency” and to allow people to understand each step of the legal process.

Richard Allen was arrested and charged with the 2017 double murders of Abigail Williams and Liberty German almost one year ago.

Judge Gull was one of a few Indiana judges that allowed media access to court proceedings during a trial period last year. Indiana began allowing the option for media access to all courtrooms May 1st, but that’s something that is up to the judge to decide. So far, Judge Gull has not allowed media to broadcast live coverage inside the courtroom for the Delphi murders case.

Richard Allen’s trial is supposed to begin in January, 2024, but delays are expected.