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Jefferson Shreve

Source: Parker Carlson WIBC / Parker Carlson WIBC

INDIANAPOLIS –Republican candidate for mayor, Jefferson Shreve, responded to criticisms about his crime plan, which some have pointed out is similar to that of his Democratic opponent, Mayor Joe Hogsett.


During an interview on “Tony Katz and the Morning News,” Shreve acknowledged the concerns raised by the community regarding his plan to fight crime. However, he emphasized that his focus is on tackling issues that he can make a real impact on. Additionally, he suggested that hiring a Public Safety Officer would be a positive step toward addressing the crime problems faced by the city.


“I’m not a former cop; I’m not a former firefighter,” Shreve said. “I don’t hold myself as the expert there; I’m the executive. I’ve got the managerial experience, and I aim to stand up the team of executive talent that can get the job done.”


Shreve suggested that hiring a Public Safety Officer could lead to a decrease in murders and an increase in solved homicide cases in Indy.


“So then we can start focusing on the non-violent, property-level crimes,” he said. “If the city doesn’t feel safe for people to lay their head in, to wake up to, and to go about business in, it’s hard to develop this city.”


Opponents of Shreve have criticized him for talking about abortion. He says the only reason that he’s talking about abortion is because his challenger, Democrat Mayor Joe Hogsett, has nationalized the issue.


“My opponent is making an issue out of something that has nothing to do with the job I am applying for,” Shreve added. “You’re running the City of Indianapolis, which has nothing to do with abortion policy, and I’ve said I wouldn’t utilize any city resources to prosecute abortion policy.”


Joe Hogsett, the Democratic candidate, and Jefferson Shreve, the Republican candidate, agreed to a one-hour debate on Monday, Oct. 23, at 6 p.m.