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Blue flash light on top of police car against city street

Source: Reinhard Krull / Getty

UPDATE: Police have arrested a 16-year-old boy and charged him with murder in this case.

INDIANAPOLIS — A man was shot and killed on Indy’s west side Wednesday morning. IMPD says the shooting occurred at 7136 Pluto Drive. That is near the intersection of Morris Street and North Girls School Road. The victim was located outside the home, but it’s still unclear where the incident occurred.

“That’s what detectives are working through right now so we can get the most accurate information about what took place,” said IMPD Officer Samone Burris. “We believe we have the homeowners identified at this time, and they are currently transported to our homicide office to speak to our detectives.”

The man was initially listed in critical condition but later died from their injuries. IMPD says one person has been detained.

“I want to thank our community who continues to give officers all the information they have,” added Burris.

IMPD spokesperson also said that one house was damaged, and the homeowner is cooperating and speaking with investigators.

Burris urged residents to settle their conflicts by calling the police instead of picking up a gun.