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Blue flash light on top of police car against city street

Source: Reinhard Krull / Getty

GREENWOOD, IND — Three officers have resigned, and two others are facing termination due to multiple violations of department policies. Samuel Bowen and Elijah Allen will appear before the Greenwood Police Merit Commission in late September for accusations of sending derogatory or sexually explicit content using company computers while on duty.


Charge 1: Violation of Greenwood Police Department Policy 321, “Information Technology Use”, specifically section 321.2 Policy.


Charge 2: Violation of Greenwood Police Department Policy 422, “Mobile Data Center Use”, specifically section 422.4 “Restricted Access and Use”.


Charge 3: Violation of Greenwood Police Department Policy 320, “Standards of Conduct”, specifically section 320.5.9 (h) Use of obscene, indecent, profane or derogatory language while on-duty or in uniform and section 320.5.9 (p) Any other on- or off-duty conduct which any member knows or reasonably should know is unbecoming a member of this agency, is contrary to good order, efficiency or morale, or tends to reflect unfavorably upon this agency or its members.


Chief James Ison says that if the suspended officers are found guilty, he wants them fired.