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Source: Cochran Firm Cleveland / Cochran Firm Cleveland

INDIANAPOLIS –A woman involved in a violent crime spree will spend the next 45 years of her life in prison. Rashaana Farrow was sentenced on Friday for her part in a series of shootings that involved 18 victims, nine people shot, and three deaths, including a Fishers’ police dog.


Farrow, Richard Garrett Jr., and Delance Hatcher shot nine people, three to death, including K9 Harlej’ who ran into the house to try and catch Farrow and Garrett Jr. The shootings happened in October 2019. The trio is also accused of the armed robbery and murder of Devon Gillespie


Hatcher pleaded guilty to several charges, including murder, in June and was sentenced to 65 years in prison. Garrett faces charges in Marion County, including two counts of murder and one count of conspiracy to commit murder. He faces an October jury trial.


He has already pleaded guilty in Hamilton County, where some crimes occurred. He was sentenced to six months there. If he’s convicted in Marion County, he could receive up to 65 years in prison.


Farrow was reportedly dating Garrett at the time.