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NWS Forecast Through Wednesday

Source: NWS / National Weather Service

A heat wave is expected to move through Indiana this week. According to Jason Puma of the National Weather Service Indianapolis this heat is a result of pressure building throughout the plains states and moving eastward into the Ohio Valley.

According to the National Weather Service Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday will all be in the lower 90’s. The heat is expected to peak on Thursday with temperatures reaching the mid-to-upper 90’s. Puma also mentioned the possibility of an excessive heat warning, though that will be determined on a day-by-day basis.

Puma says to try and avoid being outdoors during peak heating hours over the course of the week. If someone must be outside during the heat then be sure to take frequent breaks and stay hydrated. People should also keep an eye on their pets, making sure they too have enough water and shade to stay cool if you keep your pet outdoors.

The heat should move out of the state quickly after Thursday as Puma says there is a cold front expected to follow.