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There is a new candidate in the race to be the governor of Indiana. As previously rumored, Brad Chambers has entered the race.

He is the former secretary of commerce. He announced his bid for the 2024 GOP nomination on Thursday.

Chambers is not a career politician. Before he got into politics, he was the founder, president and CEO of Indianapolis-based Buckingham Cos., a commercial real estate firm. He has served two years at the head of the IEDC, a powerful quasi-public agency charged with leading the state’s economic development.

Chambers is the fifth candidate to join the race. He is running against Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch, U.S. Sen. Mike Braun, former Attorney General Curtis Hill and businessman Eric Doden.

Here is his statement on running for governor. “As Indiana’s Secretary of Commerce, the last two years, I have witnessed firsthand how important leadership, vision, urgency and aspiration are to the future of Indiana,” Chambers said in a news release. “I am running for Governor because I want Hoosiers of today and Hoosiers of tomorrow to believe that Indiana offers an opportunity for an excellent life.”

He has gotten a late start compared to the other candidates who have more notable names. They have had quite the head start on Chambers in terms of fundraising. Three of them, Crouch, Braun and Doden, are miles ahead, each having around $4 million in the bank.

Out of the gate, Chambers is branding himself as a business entrepreneur. He had success as the head of the IEDC. During his two years they saw record capital investments for the state at $33 billion.

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