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AG Todd Rokita has announced the fourth installment of the “Parents Bill of Rights.” He made the announcement Tuesday afternoon on Facebook.

Rokita’s “Parents Bill of Rights” consists of resources, questions, and information regarding the state’s educational system. The Attorney General has noticed a major increase in parental involvement within the schools after years of mask mandates, critical race theory, DEI, and more. Rokita says this additional volume to the “Parents Bill of Rights” will give parents the confidence to confront officials.

“In its full form, it’s 108 pages. It contains over 151 direct and specific questions for parents to use in educating themselves and giving themselves confidence in themselves to go before school boards and interact with the government.”

Rokita wants to continue to encourage parents to hold school boards accountable.

He told the Hammer and Nigel Show this resource is for the Hoosier parent who wants to get involved but doesn’t know where to start.

“It’s meant to be a tool for parents… a lot of parents it might be their first-time face to face with their government. So, I want them going in with confidence and knowledge and that’s what this book does.”

The latest volume will focus on religious liberty in schools. Rokita says the book will be updated periodically.

AG Todd Rokita joined the Hammer and Nigel show to talk about the newest installment of the “Parents Bill of Rights.”