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Eric Schenk mugshot

Source: Hancock County Jail / other

GREENFIELD, Ind. — Court documents are revealing more about the investigation into a ring of teenagers selling illegal guns and drugs in Greenfield.

On Sunday a teenage boy was shot by another teenage boy in Greenfield. The 17-year-old shooter has since been arrested ad the 16-year-old victim is in the hospital recovering. Both of them were said to be involved in that crime ring, say investigators.

They say over the last month and a half they have arrested 8-to-10 people and seized 16 guns related to the group. One of those arrests was a 37-year-old man, the documents say.

Eric Schenk is accused of buying guns, ammo, and machine gun conversion devices for his 16-year-old son. Schenk’s son is then said to have planned to sell those conversion devices to other teenagers in Greenfield.

A raid on the Schenk’s home in July found several guns belonging to the 16-year-old boy along with drugs, vape pens, and other drug accessories.

Schenk told investigators when he was brought in for an interview that he had no idea his son was involved in the crime ring. But, investigators also seized the boy’s phone which had text messages that clearly showed that Schenk did know what his son was up to.