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USA - Tyson Foods

Source: Ramin Talaie / Getty

CORYDON — Tyson Foods announced on Monday that they are closing four of their chicken processing plants in a cost cutting move. One of those plants is located in Corydon, Indiana.

The company cites being able to maximize use of their other facilities as a part of this decision. This move follows a multi-year plan to save 1 billion dollars in productivity by the end of the 2024 fiscal year. Despite accomplishing that goal a year ahead of schedule Tyson still posted a loss last quarter over 400 million dollars.

The closure of the Indiana plant is just the latest in a line of cuts and closures from Tyson foods including the closing of their Chicago and South Dakota offices and plants in Arkansas and Virginia back in March. The company will also discontinue operations in one Arkansas and two Missouri plants in addition to the Corydon location.

Tyson’s still projects their revenue this year to fall somewhere between 53 and 54 billion dollars.