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The United States Women’s national soccer team fell short of their goals in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

This year’s team came in with the expectation of competing for the Women’s World Cup title, but that did not happen. Instead of hoisting the FIFA Women’s World Cup Winner’s Trophy, they were eliminated in the round of 16. That is the earliest they have ever been eliminated.

This was the final World Cup appearance for Megan Rapinoe, and her comments after the game are surprising.

She was asked about her favorite memory during her time on the USWNT. “Probably equal pay chance, after the [2019 World Cup] final,” Rapinoe said through tears. “And, I think, they’re saying equal pay, but they could have been saying a lot of things. I think his team has always fought for so much more and that’s been the most rewarding part for me. Of course, playing in World Cups and winning championships and doing all that. But to know that we’ve used our really special talent to do something that’s changed the world forever, I think that means the most to me.”

She did not want to mention her teammates, the wins, or the honor in representing her country. Instead, she wanted to mention equal pay.

She won two Women’s World Cups! How are those victories not mentioned in her favorite memory?

Her comments revealed the issues with the USWNT. When your team cares more about woke than soccer, this is what you get. It is the Rapinoe effect. Clear out the team. Rebuild. Fight. Come back stronger.

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