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Republican Jefferson Shreve recently posted his latest ad for Mayor of Indianapolis. “It’s time for change in Indianapolis” Shreve tweets. Guy Relford responds, “Taking away 2nd Amendment Rights from law abiding citizens is not the change we need”.

Not all have been fans of Guy’s harsh criticism of Shreve. “Worry about Zionsville, let us worry about our city,” posted one twit on Twitter. (now known as “X”).

Guy reacted strongly,

Where do I live? Yeah, Zionsville. Where am I right now doing my radio show?  Monument Circle. How long have I been part of the Marion County justice system? as a lawyer, who regularly handles cases, including criminal cases in Marion County? 40 years. How much time do you think has Jefferson Shreve, or this knucklehead, have spent in an Indianapolis, Marion County court room?

Guy sleeps in Zionsville, but he works in Indianapolis. Is he not allowed comment about policies here in the city?

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