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Shooting at Block Party in Muncie

Source: WISH-TV

MUNCIE, Ind.–The Mayor of Muncie, Dan Ridenour, said Monday morning that they don’t believe the shooting that happened Sunday morning at a block party was done by “a single gunman in an attempt to target specific people.” No one has been arrested.

Shots were fired in the area of South Hackley and East Willard streets. One person was killed and nearly 20 people were injured. The man who died has since been identified as 30-year-old Joseph Bonner of Muncie.

“We tried to contact the property owner to get the party shut down, but before we could get that accomplished at 1:14 am, gunfire erupted at the party,” said Muncie Police Department Chief Nathan Sloan.

Sloan says they need help finding who may have been responsible.

“We’re requesting help from anyone at the location during the incident who may have seen what happened or those that might be in possession of video or pictures. Those things can assist us in the investigation,” said Sloan.

After the victims were rushed to a hospital, tensions remained high.

“There we definitely some arguments that developed out in the parking lot between some individuals that we had to separate. We ended up requesting that people move back further away from the doors of the hospital. We cleared out the area just to make sure that we had a clear path available for anyone that needed medical assistance,” said Muncie Police Department Deputy Chief Melissa Criswell.

A prayer vigil has been scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 1 at 7 p.m. at Berea Church, which is located at 1201 Wheeling Ave.

Democratic State Representative Sue Errington of Muncie released a statement about the shooting Monday morning.

“This is a terrible tragedy, and one that is becoming far too common in our state and our country. My heart goes out to the family and loved ones of the deceased and the 17 that were wounded, but we must also face the facts: Easier access to guns has not made our communities safer. After Statehouse Republicans passed permitless carry, we’ve seen more and more people walking through Muncie with guns on their hips. There is an epidemic in this state of teenagers and young adults losing their lives because guns are readily available the moment you turn 18. How many more families must be rocked by grief before we begin to take real, tangible action on this issue?”, said Errington.

You can listen to part of the press conference from Monday morning below.