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Donald Trump is running for president in 2024 to “stay out of prison.” That is a paraphrasing of GOP candidate Will Hurd.

He was booed after proclaiming that.

Hurd is a former congressman from Texas. He made this remark in Iowa at the Iowa Republican Party’s Lincoln Dinner on Friday. He was there along with the other 13 presidential candidates. That includes former President Donald Trump.

The plethora of charges Trump is facing have not gone anywhere. He is facing 40 federal felony counts related to his post-presidency retention of classified documents and 34 felony counts in New York, accused of falsifying business records, with speculation mounting that the former president is likely to soon face more charges.

He maintains the stance that he is innocent.

Here is Hurd’s full quote from Friday night. “Donald Trump is not running for president to make America great again. Donald Trump is not running for president to represent the people that voted for him in 2016 and 2020. Donald Trump is running to stay out of prison.” Hurd continued on saying, “I know, I know, I know—listen, I know the truth is hard. But if we elect Donald Trump, we are willingly giving Joe Biden four more years in the White House. And America can’t handle that.”

When you are polling at zero, you need to say something for publicity. To hear Tony Katz’s thoughts on Hurd’s comments, click the link below.