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Representative Steven Cohen had a revolutionary idea about transgender women changing in front of real women.

Cohen’s idea is incredible. It solves a lot of the issues at hand. Women feel uncomfortable when a transgender woman changes with them in the locker room, because transgender women are playing dress up. They are men.

Representative Cohen thinks that there should be walls put up in the women’s locker room so they can change separately.

We can build on Cohen’s idea though. What about instead of a barrier, they put up an entire wall? We can even setup a separate door for all of the biological males to go through. I’m so convinced that this idea will work that I already have a name for it. Are you ready?

We can call it… the men’s locker room.

Representative Cohen has come to the same conclusion as every Republican. Men and women should change in different locker rooms. It is common sense, and the fact that he thinks this is some new idea proves his stupidity.

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