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Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita is pictured as he answers questions at a press conference.


INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana’s attorney general is not letting-up in his fight against out-of-state apartment management companies.

“We’re seeing an increase, certainly in the capitol city and perhaps elsewhere as well, with landlords and out-of-state landlords, who think they can just step on the little guy,” says state Attorney General Todd Rokita in an interview with our news-gathering partners at WISH-TV.

Rokita’s office is currently suing Willow Brook Apartments and their corporate owners, Beztak Management. Rokita says Beztak does not have a license to operate in Indiana, something Beztak denies, and that Beztak has allowed maintenance repairs back-up so much that the health department has been called.

“Our office is getting more and more involved, using different tools that haven’t really been used before,” Rokita explains, “whether it’s Deceptive Consumer Sales Practices, whether it’s the Home Loan Practices Act.”

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Since Rokita’s office filed a lawsuit against Willow Brook and Beztak, one tenant’s maintenance complaints have been addressed.

Rokita says Indiana’s housing laws are outdated and he’s tried to make changes through the state legislature, but no success, “you know, I’m hopeful, I really am. I’m not sure what the hesitancy is, expect for special interests out there that are probably worried about us looking into their practices. Nothing we do here is unwarranted.”

The attorney general’s office says it plans to go after housing law changes once again.