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Tomi Lahren, host of “Tomi Lahren is Fearless” on Outkick, joined Hammer and Nigel Wednesday to discuss Hunter Biden pleading ‘not guilty’ after asking for immunity on other charges.

Hunter Biden pleaded ‘not guilty’ to a set of misdemeanor tax charges in a Delaware federal court. The President’s son was expected to plead guilty to the charges, and as part of the deal avoid jail time on a felony gun charge. However, the judge did not accept the agreement and questioned the constitutionality, “specifically the diversion clause and the immunity” Biden would receive.

The Judge was hesitant after the federal prosecutors revealed Hunter was currently under active investigation. The original plea deal was broken down shortly after.

Tomi Lahren told Hammer and Nigel this is just the beginning of the demise of the Biden family.

“Hunter Biden’s legal team here, they really have some balls. Right? Saying ‘we want pretty much full immunity for life. We’re going to plea for this, but then you can’t go after us for anything.’ I don’t think that’s how the justice system works…I’m glad this judge appears to be holding firm on that. And again, I think the Biden family is just going to be unraveling in front of our very eyes.”

She predicts Democrats are slowly letting information about the Biden’s come to fruition. Lahren believes after the Biden Crime family crumbles, all that will be left is for VP Kamala Harris to be bought off. By October, Tomi sees Gavin Newsome making his way to the presidential 2024 ticket.

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