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Source: Eric Fernandez / Eric Fernandez

INDIANAPOLIS – Earlier this month, police arrested a teenager after they found multiple guns, and a Glock switch, during a traffic stop.

Indiana State Police and Indiana Crime Guns Task Force officers pulled over a car near 38th Street and Post Road on July 13th.  They say the driver didn’t use his turn signal.

Once the car was stopped, though, they thought they smelled marijuana.  During a search, detectives reportedly found a Glock switch.

Later, they also say they found two handguns – one of which was stolen – and an AR pistol.

*Glock switches are illegal devices that essentially turn some semi-automatic guns into fully automatic weapons.*

While there were four people in the car at the time, 18-year-old Michael Jones told police that all of the items were his.  He was arrested and taken to the Marion County Adult Intake Center, and the others were released.