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DeSantis has fired one-third of his staff amid his slow presidential campaign start. He has laid-off 38 staffers in total to consolidate finances, according to Politico.

The Florida Governor’s campaign had a shaky start after several technical issues during his Twitter live announcement. Despite raising $20 million in donations the second quarter of this year, 40% has already been spent on private donor events and private jets.

As donations slow down, the DeSantis team is working to slim down the staff in order to help finances. In June the campaign staff totaled at 90. They plan to cut 38 positions across various departments.

Hammer and Nigel say DeSantis needs to step-up his game if he wants to beat Trump, who is stilling polling as the majority GOP favorite. The guys want to see DeSantis get more personal and connect with voters while also broadening his talking points.

Nigel says DeSantis should put money towards attack ads against Biden, calling out the administration’s failures during his term.

“The woke stuff, it’s all fine and good, parents rights bill, the Disney stuff, fine- but you need to explain how you compare and contrast with Joe Biden. I mean the woke stuff will hold out for a little while, but we’re talking crime rates in blue cities, border security, we’re talking (Hammer adds) -economy -school choice..”

Hammer chimes in,

“and corruption in Washington. These are all things according to the data are polling more so than fighting back against he woke culture.”