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Ryan White at school

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Randi Weingarten is the president of the second largest teacher’s union in the country on Friday she held a teachers’ conference in Washington D.C.

During her conference she led a session for pre-school teachers on ‘affirming LGBTQIA+ identities in and out of the classroom.’

It is the nonsense like this that explains why less, and less people are going into teaching. Since 1970, education degrees have decreased by 50 percent.

This lack of teachers creates a unique opportunity for conservatives. It is no secret that classrooms are becoming more and more woke. There is an effort by the Left to push parents out of the picture.

Conservatives can fill this void and begin taking education back from the inside. The movement of conservatives taking their kids’ classrooms back has already started. There are more and more parents homeschooling their kids. There are more parents who have enrolled their kids in both charter and private schools.

Education has become a heated battle between conservatives and leftists. Conservatives need to continue to make a push to take education back.

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