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Most Republicans are puzzled by Jefferson Shreve’s strategy of attacking conservative core 2nd Amendment beliefs of the right to self-defense. Shreve has been flooding the market with TV Ads touting his Assault Weapons Ban and Constitutional Carry Repeal: “Assault Weapons” :30 (No QR) – YouTube. The strategy comes eerily close to the following campaign ad that ran in 1996:

Mark Lubbers is providing Shreve with guidance in an unofficial capacity. Mark Lubbers was also the campaign manager for Dick Lugar when he ran for president in 1996 and is quoted saying that the above ad is one of the most memorable ads he ever made for Lugar. Lugar doubled down on this strategy in 2011 which led to him being primaried out in 2012 by Richard Mourdock.

In the case of Richard Lugar, a longtime successful Indiana politician whose career gets rendered to the dirt, who loses an election he ought to have won, a primary, as an incumbent. How often does that happen? He lost because he attacked the 2nd Amendment. And who was running his campaign? Who was whispering in his ear on those issues? It was Mark Lubbers.

And now a Republican candidate for Mayor is doing the same thing. He’s attacking the 2nd Amendment. He’s attacking guns, and “taking on the NRA”, the same strategy Lugar had. This is a proven strategy for defeat. Hear the clip now:

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