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A judge's gavel and law books are seen in a courtroom.

Source: BrianAJackson/Getty Images

MUNCIE, Ind. — You may remember the murder of a mother and her son back in 1987 in Muncie.

Harold Nettles, 68, is serving a 120-year sentence for the murders of Brenda Freeman, 28, and her son Michael Carmichael, 5. The two were found stabbed to death in the apartment that they and another woman whom Nettles had been seeing shared.

This past week, attorneys for Nettles filed a motion with a judge asking for an early release from prison. He requested that he serve the remainder of his 120-year sentence on home detention with an ankle monitor.

Prosecutors were quick to object to that motion.

“The mere passage of time does not erase the pain and suffering inflicted at the hands of violent criminals,” Prosecutor Eric Hoffman said in his objection. “The defendant herein is not only a convicted two-time convicted killer, he is also a child killer. This prosecuting attorney does not consent to the early release of violent criminals. If that means dying in prison, so be it.”

An autopsy determined that Freeman was stabbed in the face 40 times and little Michael was stabbed four times when the murder happened.

The judge who considered the motion ultimately denied Nettles’ attorney’s request for early release.