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We all make mistakes! It’s only human to occasionally lock your keys in the car, put two different shoes on, forget to put the garage door down, or even unknowingly help rob a bank…

Police in Omaha, Nebraska have reported two separate cases of a Craigslist scam that led to bank robberies. Local police say in both incidents, it started with a person answering a Craigslist’s ad in the employment section to “help assist an elderly family member.”

After the person(s) responded to the ad, they were asked by the scammer to go to the bank and withdraw money on their behalf to pay for the “elderly family member’s medical bills.” Both times, the women who responded to the ad, were instructed to go to the bank and hand their phone to the bank teller. The women assumed the person on the phone was verifying the account to the employee, but in reality, the scammer was threatening and demanding large sums of cash. The women would then walk out with envelopes of undisclosed amounts of cash.

The Omaha police said once the women received the cash they were instructed to deposit in bitcoin ATMs. They were then asked for their own bank information so the scammer could pay them via ‘direct deposit.’

Officials want to remind everyone not to give any bank information to an unknown person or company, especially over the phone or internet.

But what we want to know… did these women really NOT know they were assisting a robbery? Or could this be the best frame in criminal history???