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Christine Geiger owns a hair salon in Michigan. She came out and said that she would not be serving transgenders at her salon.

The way Geiger announced her decision was not the best. She went on Facebook and posted “If a human identifies as anything other than a man/woman please seek services at a local pet groomer. You are not welcome at this salon. Period.” After receiving backlash, she deleted the page and made her Instagram account private.

Geiger says that she was using her right as a business owner denying service to a specific group of people.

Her salon received multiple bad reviews on Google after her posts. At one point Geiger’s salon had a 1.5-star rating.

In response to one of the negative reviews that has been deleted, the Geiger said “LGB” clients are welcome, but “the rest of it is not something I support,” referencing transgender and queer people.

“This stance was taken to ensure that clients have the best experience, and I am admitting that since I am not willing to play the pronoun game or cater to requests outside of what I perceive as normal this probably isn’t the best option for that type of client,” the response stated. “This is a free country, and I am not a slave to any narrative.”

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