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Mike Pence speaking at Stanford University

Source: (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Mike Pence was back in Indiana on Wednesday as he continues his campaign to become president.

Pence, who is the former US vice president and Indiana governor, made a stop in Evansville to attend a private campaign fundraiser. He said events like these are key, especially in Indiana, as he tried to garner enough support to earn a spot on the primary debate stage.

“I know we can bring this country back, but it’s going to take new leadership in the Republican party,” Pence said. “We’ll work our hearts out and continue to earn the support of the American people, but the support here in Indiana is very meaningful to us.”

Pence needs at least 40,000 different donors from around the US to contribute to his campaign. Once he hits that threshold he will be allowed to take part in any of the GOP primary debates planned.

“As I said I’m grateful for the outpouring of support,” Pence added. “I especially want Hoosiers to know that if you want to see a Hoosier up on that debate stage, donate a dollar and we will make you proud.”

In the latest polling data from Morning Consult, Pence is polling third behind Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis in the GOP primary. Trump is poling with more than 50-percent support, with DeSantis polling at 20-percent, and Pence at 6-percent.