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***UPDATE: AG Todd Rokita joined Hammer and Nigel Friday, July 7th to comment on letter. 


Republican leaders are standing up to extreme wokism in light of Target’s latest controversial Pride campaign. Target promoted and sold a series of Pride items that contained vulgar clothing that could be in violation of child-protection laws.

In a push led by Indiana’s AG Todd Rokita, alongside 7 other Attorney Generals, have signed a letter calling out Target’s support of a pro-transgender organization. The letter was written specifically to Chairman and CEO, Brian Cornell.

The letter expresses concerns over the “promotion and sale of potentially harmful products to minors,” as well as “potential interference with parental authority in matters of sex and gender identity” and a “possible violation of fiduciary duties by the company’s directors and officers.”

The AG’s give examples of some of the items that pushed this narrative including a shirt that read “homophobe head rest” next to a picture of a guillotine. Another shirt called into question read “transphobe collector” with a picture of a skull. Other shirts were made in partnership with a “Satanist-inspired” brand called “Abprallen.” The shirts made by the brand were removed by Target after backlash.

The group says the collection of shirts not only threaten the economic interests of their shareholders, but raises concerns about compliance with state child protection and parental right laws.

The letter is co-signed by Missouri AG Andrew Bailey, Mississippi AG Lynn Fitch, Arkansas AG Tim Griffin, Idaho AG Raul Labrador, Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron, and South Carolina AG Alan Wilson.

Though Hammer agrees with the GOP Attorney Generals, he wonders if the letter will accomplish anything.

“If lunatic parents want to buy these for their kids, I mean you start to get into freedom of expression discussion here. I’m not really sure what can be done here. The first amendment protects the speech you don’t like as well…I don’t really think this (the letter) does anything. It’s more or less just a finger wagging at Target saying “we condemn you for doing this.”

Read the full letter from AG Rokita here.