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Home for sale with real estate sign

Source: Oscar Wong / Getty

STATEWIDE — If you want to buy a house in Indiana, you may have run into some struggles. One expert says you are not alone as Hoosiers try to navigate competitive waters to try and find a long-term place to live.

“Buyers are coming back to the market, but long-term inventory challenges really remain a top concern for us,” said Mark Fisher with the Indiana Realtors Association on Indy Politics.

Fisher said, in a nutshell, that there are still too many buyers in the market for not enough available homes in Indiana. He said it’s indicative of a major shift in what the market looked like just a decade ago.

“On any given day (before 2009) you could have found on average 40,000 houses for sale across Indiana,” he added. “Today, that’s hovering around 10,000, so we’ve lost roughly about ten percent of our inventory.”

The reason for the decline in inventory, according to Fisher, is a lack of home builders in Indiana. He said that after the Great Recession in 2009 many “small town home builders” went out of business.

Because of that demand has gone up for fewer houses being built thanks to home building not keeping up the pace it used to.