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There’s nothing like Independence Day. Celebrating living the best country in the world, barbeque with the family, drinking with friends, and setting off a lot of small explosions… THAT’S AMERICA BABY! (Take that, England!)

To honor our forefathers, Hammer and Nigel have put together what they have deemed as the GREATEST MOMENTS IN FIREWORK HISTORY!

First, we remember a simpler (or rather more complicated) time when it was illegal to buy fireworks in Indiana. A time where you had to cross your fingers while you sign a document stating you’d only set off explosives in another state as to avoid legal repercussions. This clip from the Simpsons is a perfect reminder to be thankful those days are behind us.

Next, a classic moment in cinema history. Joe Dirt buying fireworks on the side of road, rattling off every explosive from buzz bottles to whistling kitty chasers. C’mon man!

And last, but certainly not least, a Hammer and Nigel favorite. This iconic moment of a man named Terry lighting a firework from his electric wheelchair… WHAT COULD GO WRONG?  “Put it in reverse Terry!” 

Happy Independence Day from the Hammer and Nigel Show!