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Colorful Books and Sunglasses

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COLUMBIA CITY, Ind. — Library patrons in Columbia City showed their support for Pride Friday afternoon.

Supporters headed to the Peabody Public Library, in an effort to check out every book on the library’s Pride displays.  They called it the alliterative “Proud Peabody Patrons for Pride” event.

WANE 15 reports that the library found itself in hot water with certain residents and the Whitley County Commissioners, who did not agree with its displays.  The WCC referred to it as a “promotion of sexuality.”

Street String Lights With A Pride Flag In The Background In Valletta Malta

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The Wells County Public Library was also recently criticized for passing out rainbow bracelets to summer readers.  However, the library claimed the bracelets were not meant to be connected with Pride Month.

If you or someone you know would like to comment on the Pride displays, you are encouraged to reach out to the WCC or the Peabody Library Board of Trustees.

The colors of knowledge

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