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The president of the free world should be one of confidence, leadership, negotiation, and at the very least be able to read. Unfortunately, none of these traits are a part of Biden. He’s proven time and again that simple tasks such as reading a teleprompter has become a reoccurring issue for the current president.

President Biden’s latest slip-up involved the president accidentally reading out loud “end of quote” from his teleprompter during a White House presser. To top off the unfortunate mistake, he was sharing a personal anecdote.

“And here’s what she wrote to me, and I quote, ‘You can imagine my joy’… ‘This is the best thing that has happened to rural America since the Rural Electrification Act brought electricity to farms in the 30s and 40s’. End of quote.” 

Now before you accuse us of going too hard on the Big Guy, this isn’t the first time a misread teleprompter made headlines.

Everyone makes mistakes, but when you make the mistake over and over and over again it starts to become concerning.