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When a caller asks Guy why he would ‘need’ an AR-15, Guy immediately explains that the Bill of Rights is not the Bill of Needs, that there is nothing in the Constitution requiring a need to exercise one’s Constitutional rights. The Supreme Court of the United States in DC vs Heller says that firearms that are ‘commonly used’ for legal purposes are protected under the 2nd Amendment. The AR-15 is the most commonly owned firearm in America and falls under that protection.

Guy then used the following metaphor:

Rosa Parks didn’t need to sit in the front row of the bus, the front row and back row of the bus are going exactly to the same place.. and if you are required as a person of color in Birmingham, Alabama to sit in the back row, but you have to establish your need to sit somewhere else? Would we have Civil Rights in this country?

Guy then asks “who would advocate for such a position? It’s ludicrous, it’s disgusting, it’s hateful.” Guy hates throwing these concepts out there, but that’s how we approach these issues on Constitutional freedoms and equal protection under the law. Rosa Parks didn’t ‘need’ to sit in the front row, but she had a fundamental human right to sit wherever she wanted to.

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