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Victoria Spartz at podium

Source: (Photo by Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

WASHINGTON — A whistleblower says the Justice Department made politically motivated decisions when it came to the Hunter Biden investigation.

This week, Hunter Biden plead guilty to a few tax and firearm charges and as part of the deal will get no jail time. Many Republicans are referring to the deal as a “sweetheart deal.”

“The biggest concern I have is that we do not have a justice system,” Rep. Victoria Spartz said on Fox News. “What it means is our republic is becoming a mob rule. We have a Department of Justice and FBI that are doing cover-ups with their leadership!”

Spartz, a Republican from Indiana, is demanding answers in that case as well as more information from the FBI on the Trump-Russia investigation. She sat on the committee this week that questioned John Durham over his report looking into how that investigation was conducted.

She wants the recordings of interviews Durham did with a person known as “CHS-1” related to the case. Durham informed Spartz that those recordings have been turned over to the FBI as evidence.

“I request you to provide to the Congress, or in the alternative to the Judiciary Committee, all unredacted audio recordings and associated transcripts of the interviews Special Counsel Durham and his team conducted,” Spartz said in a letter to FBI director Christopher Wray.

Along with the pressure on the Trump-Russia investigation growing again, Republicans in Congress voted to release testimony from two whistleblowers within the IRS who said the IRS and DOJ interfered with the Hunter Biden investigation. They accuse both agencies of “slow walking” certain investigative steps and delaying actions being taken before elections, all “benefiting the subject of the investigation.”

In this case, that was Hunter Biden.

Democrats are accusing Republicans of playing politics over the whole thing.