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You know those news stories that sound more like an episode of a cheesy crime show than reality? Well, this is no exception.

A Mexican restaurant chain in California has been ordered by the Department of Labor to pay $140,000 in damages to 35 employees for hiring a fake priest to collect “confessions” from them.

The Taqueria Garibaldi restaurants in Sacramento and Roseville has been under investigation after its owners illegally paid employee tips to managers, denied overtime pay, and (and let’s not brush past this) HIRED A FAKE PRIEST to collect insights on employees’ wrongdoings at work.

One of the employees testified in federal court earlier this month, stating a “person identified as a priest” to hear confessions during work hours. The ‘priest’ urged workers to “get the sins out” specifically regarding anything they’ve done wrong at work. She says the priest would ask if she had stolen anything, shown up late, etc.

The investigation additionally found that managers were paid from the employee tip pool. They also uncovered managers threatening employees with adverse immigration consequences.

So if you’re struggling with a boss or co-worker in your life, think ‘at least they aren’t black mailing me!’