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If you have siblings, you most likely have a few specific memories where it felt like “THEY RUINED YOUR LIFE!” growing up. In this case. a little brother definitely ruined this Father’s Day for his big brother.

During a baseball game at Fenway Park this weekend, a foul ball was hit into the stands. A fan was able to give it to a pair of young brothers sitting a few rows up. The youngest little fan was so excited in the heat of the moment decided to throw the ball BACK onto the field! His older brother was not only shocked, but absolutely devasted.

In the video you can really see a prime example of why fathers deserve their special day. This dad not only had to console his oldest, but make sure the youngest didn’t feel bad.

The story does have a happy ending, thankfully. One of the Red Sox broadcasters went up into the stands to interview the family. They gave each of the boys some Red Sox swag to help quell the tough Father’s Day moment. They say it takes a village…in this instance it took the generosity of a whole MLB team.

One thing for sure, those free Red Sox shirts will be a never-ending reminder for the brothers. *Cut to twenty years later “remember that one time when you threw a Fenway Park ball BACK?!.. me neither.”