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“God save the Queen,” was President Joe Biden’s closing statement following his keynote speech at the National Safer Communities Summit.

The evidence of President Biden’s mental awareness continues to pile up. If you did not know, the Queen is dead.

To make matters worse, Biden was standing beside democratic Senator John Fetterman. He too is mentally unaware. Fetterman gives Biden a run for his money when it comes to stumbling through speeches.

They were both seen on stage in Philidelphia speaking about the I-95 bridge collapse in Philadelphia. Biden was in a suit and tie, while Fetterman was in shorts and a hoodie.

How is it deemed acceptable for a senator of the United States to wear shorts and a hoodie while speaking?

In addition to Fetterman’s poor attire, he struggled with words. The biggest mistake was when he referred to Representative Brendan Boyle, as “Congressman Boyle Bile.”

Both Biden and Fetterman need to be removed from office, but the Democrats are pumping up both Biden and Fetterman and providing cover for them so that the balance of power does not shift away from their party in both the White House and in the Senate.

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