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Terrabis Dispensary

Source: WISH-TV

Story by WISH-TV’s Adam Pinsker 

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Terrabis, a Missouri-based company that sells cannabis, is opening a new location in Grayville, Illinois, a town that sits on the Indiana state line off I-64.

“We accept anyone that is an adult, 21 or older, with an ID from any state. That does include Indiana. Like we’ve seen with our dispensaries in Missouri, we do expect to see a lot of out of state traffic, especially just being across the border from Indiana,” said Antonio DeRose, spokesperson for Terrabis.

The Grayville location will eventually serve people who need marijuana for medical purposes. They currently sell vaporizers and edibles. The dispensary is about a three-hour drive from Indianapolis. The next closet dispensary is in Effingham Illinois, which is a little over two hours away.

Hoosiers may likely be driving out of state to purchase marijuana for the near future.

Governor Eric Holcomb said earlier this year he would not sign any legislation legalizing marijuana in Indiana until it is decriminalized by the federal government.

However, state lawmakers will meet this summer to examine the impact of legalizing cannabis.

Illinois is one of several states where marijuana is legal.

“There is a recreational cannibis tax that is added onto the purchases that goes to the state, and the state decides exactly what to do with those,” said DeRose.

Although it is legal to consume marijuana in states where it is decriminalized, it is illegal to transport it over state lines.