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Fishers Community Center

Source: City of Fishers / City of Fishers

FISHERS, Ind. — The new Fishers Community Center project is millions of dollars worth of fun for Hoosiers, but how much will it cost you?

Nothing, says Jake Reardon-McSoley, Director of Recreation and Wellness for the City of Fishers, “this contemplated project, as well as the new event center, and the new city hall and arts center: (with) all three of those projects, the commitment has been to deliver those to the community with no property tax increases.”

The 105,000-square-foot community-focused recreation center will cost around 60-million-dollars, all to be covered by city-issued bonds.

The community center will feature just about everything you can imagine, from playgrounds to childcare centers to gathering spaces, and a full aquatic center. The project was formed with the help of Hoosiers in the community, with over 3,500 people voicing their opinions on what they want.

“It’s a membership model for much of the space,” says Reardon-McSoley, “but there’s also several amenities that are available to everyone, free of charge.” That means the center is also welcome to visitors and people outside of Hamilton County.

The project still needs to be presented to the City Council this Monday, and the city stands by its promise that this will not cost you anything.

“No tax increases and really, (this is) an opportunity to serve the community for generations to come,” Reardon-McSoley explains.

When asked about the possibility that something goes wrong and the people of Fishers may have to cough up some money for the community center, Reardon-McSoley says that shouldn’t be an issue, “certainly, we’re in the early stages of this project, so we can pivot (financially) in a variety of directions as needed. That said, we do feel we have a pretty strong financial path forward.”

The plan is to break ground this fall and open spring 2025.