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There was nothing but insane, chaotic events outside of former President Donald Trump’s arraignment on Tuesday.

Picture, MAGA fans screaming, a man walking around with a pig’s head on a stick, and a heckler dressed in prison stripes being taken down by cops. The insanity was expected but not to this level.

Hundreds of people went to the Miami federal courthouse to see Trump plead not guilty to 37 counts.

Of the 37 charges, 31 of them fall under the Espionage Act in connection to the mishandling of these classified documents. Charges against Trump allege that the former president refused to return the documents to the National Archives and Records Administration after leaving the White House. Officials also accused Trump of sharing the documents and classified military information with people who don’t have security clearances.

As expected, Trump is not backing down. He is sticking to his story of being targeted for political purposes.

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