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Exterior of the City-County Buliding

Source: (Photo: Chris Davis/WIBC)

INDIANAPOLIS — Indy FOP President Rick Snyder has called it a “revolving door”, referring to the catch-and-release approach of arresting and then violent criminals being released back out onto city streets with low or no bail.

Snyder has said many times that this is the reason why there are so many shootings in Indianapolis in the last few years. Just this past weekend 24 people were shot in the span of one weekend.

“The next thing we know we have a retribution shooting, a retribution killing, or a new offense that has occurred,” said Snyder on WISH-TV. “And then the worst part is, many times that suspect because they were out on pretrial release now become the last victim of violence which could not have happened if they were still locked up.”

In order to keep repeat violent offenders locked up as they go through the court process, Snyder said that he is encouraged to see that city-county councilors will be taking up a proposal for the city to hire three new lawyers who will then be assigned to work in the US Attorneys Office.

As part of the partnership with the feds, the lawyers will be paid by the city but will federally prosecute the most violent offenders in Marion County.

“When federal charges are filed pretrial release options are not available,” said Snyder.

Snyder said keeping criminals detained under federal charges will ideally reduce the number of retribution shootings.

Zach Myers, U.S. attorney based in Indianapolis, said in a statement:

“Federal prosecution of the most serious offenses is a vital tool in the fight against violent crimes. Our new partnership with the City of Indianapolis will enhance our ability to hold accountable those who are driving gun violence in our neighborhoods.”