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Aaron Thompson Mugshot


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WISH) — A Fort Wayne man has been arrested and charged for allegedly leaving threatening voicemails on U.S. Congressman Jim Banks’ phone, according to court docs.

Aaron Thompson, 34, is charged with intimidation with a threat to commit a forcible felony and harassment by means of a telephone call.

On April 6, Thompson left a voicemail on Banks’ office phone and said he hoped Banks dies in a car crash and made vulgar statements about Banks’ wife.

On April 11, Thompson called again.

“Oh yeah, yeah, we’ll give her two bullets. Mole-ay how’s your moles on face you little f—head,” Thompson said on the voicemail, court docs say. “I hope you f—ing get your brains blown out.”

In another voicemail, Thompson said he owns a gun, because the constitution allows him.

“Here’s the choice. Your daughters grow up without their dad. Or you grow old without your daughters. How you like that? Let me know what your opinion is. I’ll make the decision,” Thompson said in the final two voicemails. “Boom Boom you pick which two daughters get shot.”

Thompson was interviewed by U.S. Capitol Police. He admitted to being intoxicated and leaving voicemails at Banks’ office because he disagrees with him politically.