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CARMEL, Ind. — A Carmel man who stabbed his father to death last year will spend the next eight decades in prison.

Christopher Claerbout was arrested in February of 2022, charged with his father’s murder. Court documents detail how Claerbout told police he was former President Donald Trump, and that his father David and mother Marcia, were actually Bill and Hillary Clinton, former president and first lady.

Carmel police arrived at Rolling Springs Drive to find David stabbed to death in the driveway and Marcia tied up with an extension cord, handcuffed, and beaten.

She told police Christopher was responsible for killing his father and tying her up. She said Christopher had been going on about conspiracy theories, eventually putting a knife to her throat and pushing her downstairs.

Police learned Claerbout took a car that had OnStar installed, so they called OnStar and had them shut off the car. Christopher tried to run but he was caught. He told police he tied up his mother Marcia because he felt she needed to be arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay for apparently passing him around as a child to have sex with politicians.

Christopher Claerbout was found guilty of murder, criminal confinement, domestic battery, auto theft and intimidation.

He’s been sentenced to 82 years in prison.