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Two boys pretending to be girls did not show up for their race at the California State preliminary Track and Field Championship on Friday.

They did not show up due to being harassed in their previous race. People gathered and said that their participation was not fair to the other girls.

Those people are right. Boys should not compete against girls.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported the most ridiculous thing ever saying it is ‘difficult to determine if trans women are faster or stronger.’

Of course, they are faster and stronger. because they are men. Men are naturally stronger and faster than women. It is an obvious fact.

It is so obvious, that the Olympic record for the women’s 100-meter dash is 10.49 seconds. The boys high school record is 10 seconds flat. The fastest high school boys are faster than Olympic women.

The idea of women being stronger than men is absurd as well. In March the New York Post released an article covering a male powerlifter in Canada that entered a women’s competition.

He broke multiple records and won the competition easily.

Men have no place in women’s sports. It takes away from women if people allow men to take their sports away from them.

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