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Vice President Mike Spence waiting to speak at a press conference

Source: (PHOTO: Cheriss May/Getty Images)

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — He’s still not a candidate for president in 2024, but former Indiana governor and Vice-President Mike Pence is making the rounds and speaking to several groups.

One of those groups was a group of students and staff at the Career Academy in South Bend. During the visit, the students chosen to ask him questions got right to the point of asking him if he would run for president.

“We don’t have anything to announce yet,” Pence jokingly replied. “She’s pressing me! Whatever the future holds for me, I will always work to open doors for Americans of race, religion, and creed.”

Pence did talk about some serious issues. The big one in particular was the national debt, especially with Republicans and Democrats still without a deal to raise the debt ceiling. He noted that the national debt is as large as the economy for the first time in four decades.

“Literally we could have $150 trillion in debt,” he said. “Which may mean nothing (to you), but the truth of the matter is it would put an incredible burden on American families and the American economy.”

Pence urged Congress to move quickly to reign in the national debt, otherwise, he said there could be significant tax increases in the future as well as cuts to programs that he says they do not want to cut.

Pence is expected to take part in a CNN town hall next month, which is right around the time Pence said he might have a decision on if he will run for president or not.