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Photograph of downtown Indianapolis.

Source: Photo: Donnie Burgess

INDIANAPOLIS — He’s ready to take on gun laws in Marion County, and that includes some policies he knows will be politicized.

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett has proposed three major gun control policies as part of a single package. Hogsett says this package would be immediately presented to the legislature in the event the state of Indiana ever eliminates gun policy preemption rules.

“A complete ban on the sale of military style guns, such as the AR-15, used in the most recent attack on IMPD officers,” said Mayor Hogsett in Thursday’s press conference.

He’s referring to the April 20th police shooting of Daniel Ghebrehiwet, who led police on a chase through the east side. The chase ended in a dead-end alley. Police claim Ghebrehiwet immediately started firing his AR-15 at Indianapolis Metro Police officers, shooting one officer in the leg and one in the stomach.

Daniel Ghebrehiwet was killed by police. Both officers are recovering.

Hogsett also proposed raising the age limit to buy a gun from 18 to 21, in addition to ending permit-less carry and concealed carry throughout Marion County.

Hogsett says he knows conversations about gun policies immediately become politicized, but he feels this would have a significant impact on safety in Indianapolis, and he says IMPD supports these policies.

Mayor Hogsett also proposed increasing IMPD salaries and hiring more police and criminal attorneys to work with the United States Attorney’s Office.